Table of Contents


Part One: Why Men Marry

Chapter One: The Spark

Chapter Two: The Decision

Chapter Three: The Wedding

Part Two: The Arc of the Relationship

Chapter Four: Newlyweds (The first three years)

Chapter Five: Family Times (Years four to twenty)

Chapter Six: Empty Nest (Years twenty-one to thirty-five)

Chapter Seven: Mature Marriage (Years thirty-six and beyond)

Part Three: HusbandSpeak

Chapter Eight: Housework: The Link to Sex

Chapter Nine: Sex: ‘Lubricant in the Gears’

Chapter Ten: Affairs: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Chapter Eleven: Money and Work: Scrimpers and Squanderers

Chapter Twelve: Arguing: Dealing With Anger

Chapter Thirteen: How to Change a Man

Chapter Fourteen: Parents and In-laws: The Value of Fathers

Chapter Fifteen: Second Marriages: Risks and Rewards

Chapter Sixteen: Husbandly Advice: 8,000 Years of Experience

Part Four: How Men Do Marriage

Chapter Seventeen: The Male Style of Loving

"A surprising, challenging, and compassionate book on the inner world of a misunderstood species --the modern husband. Nearly every husband will understand himself better if he reads this book; nearly every wife will say, 'Now I get it.'"
--William J. Doherty, Ph.D., professor of Family Social Science at the
University of Minnesota and author of Take Back Your Marriage