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Part 1 / The Impact of FatherLoss

Profile: John F. Kennedy Jr
Chapter 1: Torn Asunder - Birth to Age 17

Profile: Michael Jordan
Chapter 2: Too Soon - Ages 18 to 32

Profile: Dylan Thomas
Chapter 3: The Body Blow - Ages 33 to 55

Profile: John Quincy Adams
Chapter 4: Closing the Circle - Ages 56 and up

Part 2 / Rebounding from FatherLoss

Profile: Mahatma Gandhi
Chapter 5: Preparing for FatherLoss

Profile: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Chapter 6: The First Days After

Profile: Ted Turner
Chapter 7: Men's Styles of Mourning

Profile: Christiaan Barnard
Chapter 8: How Spouses Help

Profile: H.L. Mencken
Chapter 9: Life Changes

Profile: Ernest Hemingway
Chapter 10: Does Therapy Help?

Profile: David Halberstam
Chapter 11: Lingerings

Part 3 / The Lessons of FatherLoss

Chapter 12: Affectionate Fathering


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