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Sigmund Freud called it “the most poignant loss” of his life. Actor Sean Connery termed it “a shattering blow.” Writer Norman Mailer likened it to “having a hole in your tooth. It’s a pain that can never be filled.”

The experience of losing a father – no matter when or how it occurs – tests the strength and resilience of a son. In the worst of circumstances, the loss can propel a son toward despondency; in the best, it can inspire in him a new appreciation for his life and loves, and move him with urgency to make the most of his remaining years.

Based on a landmark national survey of more than 300 men, and in-depth interviews with 70 others, FatherLoss is a rich and nuanced exploration of one of the most common and least studied events in men’s lives. The book offers a fresh view of the male grieving process and practical advice to help guide sons through the loss of their fathers, no matter what stage of life the son is in when the death occurs.

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Press Reviews of FatherLoss
"Chethik's first book is both intimate and revealing."
Los Angeles Times

"Thorough and sensitive."
Chicago Tribune

"Fascinating.... Chethik is a sensitive storyteller."
The Washington Post

"Chethik's is a fresh view of the male grieving process."
San Jose Mercury News

"FatherLoss is a noble book."
Library Journal

"An important new book... a moving and stereotype-shattering chronicle of how men cope with the death of their dads."
Washington Times

"Artful.... An important, highly readable book, and not just for men and boys. Women should find it a valuable tool."
Boulder Daily Camera

"A powerfully moving exploration of how men cope with one of the most profound events of their lives."

Metrowest Daily Camera



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